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It’s amazing to see that still to this day, many people think that Search Engine Optimization is something that’s a one shot venture. That is, all you have to do is work some good in-page SEO mojo, pack them with keywords, submit them to the search engines, and maybe update the meta tags every so often. That was okay about 12 years ago, when Google first started indexing, but it’s hardly the case these days.

So thank goodness there are niche social media news sites. These bookmark sites are topic-specific, so not only are you only up against your competition in the niche, the users who click through to your site are your target customer, which means these sites generate targeted traffic.

But when phase III of the bear market rally starts (phase I is when stock prices decline, phase II is when the rally is back, which is where we are now), the after-effects could be much worse than the Great Depression.

The news is so recent the FOX Jubilados does not even have a headline devoted to this report. But the actual numbers and all are not what is important here. Here is the important part.

I emphasized passion in Step 1. That gives you the energy, but you also need some basic sense. Plato speaks to the three elements of the soul as being Reason, Appetite, and Spirit. We need to address Spirit and Appetite with Reason in order to achieve the virtues of Prudence, Courage, and Moderation, which for Plato results in a well-ordered soul and the overall virtue of Justice.

I would be ashamed of myself if I were you smart cats, but let’s move on from my berating you to death (I wish) and onto the important and undeniable part of all of this nonsense.

Build a website that is professional and news related. Using WordPress for such a venture is normally a good idea and there are a ton of good news related themes that are free to use. Set up major categories that are relative to news and make sure you do not have any outgoing, external links.

Exposure on either of these can cause additional exposure and more linkage data. Many bloggers and some mainstream media outlets (like the MSNBC Clicked Blog) use these social news sites to find stories or sources.