Harmonious Man Made Hair Extensions.

Since the 1990’s, British women have become obsessed with hair straightening! (Don’t you think?) The straightening irons create a sleek and glossy look to the hair which can be achieved easily and effortlessly on a daily basis. So why wouldn’t you want this? Is it because of the damage that the intense heat can have on you hair? Or were you not aware of this? If not then you may want to sit back, as this is going to be a shock! Though, I do have a trick up my sleeve with the alternative means of straightening, as well as sharing my experience with hair straighteners that made me never want to use them again! So ENJOY!

1) Avoid as much as possible the use of hot irons to straighten your hair. You have heard it a dozen times before, yet you ignore the simple rule. These hot devices will only break it more. Find clever ways to get the desired hair effect without having to apply damaging heat. If you want a straight do every single day, you may want to try what Jada Pinkett Smith says she does. She wraps it. At the end of this article is a link to a youtube video that will show you how to wrap your hair. If you want to get a curly effect without the heat, use curlers and let air dry, or cut and shaped toilet tissue rolls to get a desired curl effect.

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Now I had only just been born in the 1990’s (1992 to be precise) so I was not aware of the effects hair straightening could have on your hair, or more importantly, what hair straightening was! But as I grew older, I started to want to change my appearance in any way possible, until one day on the television, I saw an advert for the latest hair straightening product (of which the name escapes me- come on, I as about 12!) So obviously I had to have it.

I am not seeking to establish an axiom that all wives must always go to professional Minx contemporary hair boutique for their permanents or their husbands will feel insecure. Rather the point is twofold.

Round Shape: Strictly avoid blunt fringes as they can make your face look even more round. To create the illusions of a longer face try to create as much height as possible at the crown. This can be done through having layers at the top and back of the hair. Having a long sweeping fringe can help elongate the face further, slimming it down.

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